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Who are we?

DMV Concepts offers online and remote learning lessons based on the principles of knowledge transfer. Wished you had someone to offer you guidance or to speak to after Googling, reading Reddit and watching You Tube videos on a certain topic? That’s who we are!

How are lessons conducted?

Lessons are conducted remotely and synchronously via Zoom. Contact us to arrange for a lesson while waiting for a flight, performing the night shift or waiting for a date!

How much does a lesson cost?

An arm and a leg it does not cost and what price knowledge? We charge a fix fee of $25 per person for a lesson between 60 to 75 minutes.

Are certificates of attendance given out upon completion?

No certificate of attendance are given out upon completing the lesson!

What lessons do you offer currently?

We offer lessons in Life Skills, Healthcare and Diet, Arts and Special Interest as well as enrichment lessons for Primary and Secondary school age children. We are constantly sourcing out for facilitators to conduct a wider breadth of lessons!

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